Picual EVOO - IOO963 (Medium)

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Country of Origin: Portugal 

Our first ever Portuguese Picual contains herbaceous notes of tomato and tomato leaf while exhibiting savory herb flavors. This balanced example has lingering pepper with some complimentary bitterness, a touch of stone fruit and a full, fruity nose. High fruitiness scores.

Crush Date: October 2023


*Biophenol: 452.82 ppm FFA: 0.12
Oleic Acid: 75.51 Peroxide: 4.73
DAGs: 97.5 *PPP: <0.65
Squalene: 9,075.9 A-Tocopherols: 255.8

*As measured at time of crush

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

Fruitiness: 5.8
Bitterness: 3.8
Pungency: 4.3


Smoke Point: 385ºF

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