Whole Greek Oregano Olive Oil

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Whole Greek Oregano Olive Oil - Whole Herb Fused

made with fresh oregano crushed with early harvest, fresh picked greek olives, using 100% mechanical cold extraction methods. Fresh, bright and herbaceous - this is by far one of the most difficult flavors to translate into an oil because the essential oil of oregano rarely if ever tastes like the fresh herb, whereas this cold pressed argumato oregano is spot on. We are amazed on how beautiful this oil has turned out, it has pulled out the earthy and delicate flavors of the oregano creating an amazing fused oil. Fantastic anywhere you'd like the fresh, herbaceous flavour of oregano. Use in marinades, salads, for bread dipping, brushed on vegetables, with poultry and more. 

Pairs great with the Sicilian Lemon Balsamic and Strawberry Balsamic . 

"BRONZE" - Los Angeles EVOO Competition. 

Product of Greece

All Natural, No artificial flavors or additional ingredients.

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